PRESS RELEASE (ed.) The respected Contingent Law Agent, Asia Claim makes breaking ground against Asia Plantation Capital Sdn Bhd.
In spite of the failed forestry investment company changing its name on December the 23rd, 2021 to Agarwood Originals Malaysia Bhd, the company cannot hide from ‘whistleblower’ evidence secured by Asia Claim of their modus operandi. Ex-middle management of their Malaysian operation is now prepared to give testimony of a premeditated manipulation of SSM regulations that deliberately deceived unsuspecting members of the public in the Republic of Singapore which could potentially prove Senior management breached 314/340 of the Companies Act committing Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT).


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Asia Claim: Asia’s leading Contingency litigation agent open in Indonesia.

Here at Your Voice Asia we have received a flood of inbound enquiries regarding the litigation agent, ‘Asia Claim’. So, we decided to review their operation and interview key staff members.

In 2002, The Refund Association was incorporated to work alongside the Timeshare Consumer Association (TCA). A UK Consumer watchdog bringing financial restitution to timeshare owners suffering with rising maintenance fees and misrepresentation by sales companies. Their first courtroom success was against the exchange network, ‘RCI’. Accused of, ‘Skimming’ their quality locations to travel agents for private company profit, leaving timeshare owners with low quality locations and reduced choice. The New Jersey, New York State court judge ruled in favor of nearly 2,000 timeshare owners with a landmark ruling in April 2009. (ref: RCI v’s Murillo)

After eight years of litigation success, in January 2010, their Asian partner Asia Claim opens in Singapore. Since that time, 14,000 timeshare owners have flocked to local business’s keen to be agents, to help their community. In November 2011, in the district court of Denpasar made legal history when Karma and Royal Resorts were charged with a C.B.T. (criminal breach of trust) in the first, Class Action No-Win-No-Fee lawsuit. (ref: Trust Law Office v’s Royal Resorts)

To date, more than 14,000 timeshare victims have registered with Asia Claim, which seems to command the respect of the largest law firms in the Asia Pacific region. Timeshare owners simply request a refund without cost. Should enough timeshare members in any one organization jointly register a claim large enough that their pre-agreed contingency percentage (20%) makes financial sense, a case will be pursued.

Asia Claim guarantee in writing not to charge nor solicit any fee in advance of a claim being paid. Asia Claim works hard with local companies to bring a vast array of services to victims of miss-sold timeshare agreements, and other direct sales fraud.

We spoke to Mr Kamaluddin, a claimant against the timeshare club of, ‘Accor’ and Miss. Sitti, an active member of ‘Bali Beach Club’. Both consider themselves victims of timeshare that travelled from Malaysia to Singapore to register.

“We face rising fees every year and reduced choice. Asia Claim guided us to a local agent of theirs where we registered a refund request. The service has been fantastic, so has the advice. We have found the local agent invaluable in guiding us through the process of recovering our money and utilizing that cash for our family’s future”.

Speaking to Mr Anzer claims Co-Ordinator for Indonesia about the services available. “Not everyone can expect an immediate refund. However, we have levels of service to suit all requirements. Our agents in Jakarta and Surabaya, Asia Global Limited are extremely experienced in property law across the Asia Pacific region and well as Europe have been returned outstanding results in recovering money from timeshare leases and assisting the Indonesian public to better place that money for their families benefit rather than making timeshare developer even richer while the timeshare industry as a whole declines into a miss-selling trap for a lot of hardworking Indonesian.

One of Asia’s largest litigation companies, Legal Alliance Asia, uses Asia Claim investigators to save 6000 Indonesians from fraudulent loss.













See below an edited version of the reference to Asia Claim in the relevant article:

(Edited) : “But it is only fair to award credit to what the industry knows as the most successful litigation agency in Asia, Asia Claim in Jakarta. After consulting their Chair Committee every available resource needed was lent to us. And without their investigative power, we would not have penetrated the unscrupulous organization and gained the evidence to save more than six thousand victims. Asia Claim’s abilities far exceed that of a standard operating law firm.