Forestry Investment Services - Where Money Does Grow on Trees


Asia Claim has established a forestry investment advisory service to provide a framework for free advice regarding development of forestry investment projects. After many years of litigation experience we have amassed vast experience in forestry-related investments, project design, planning, project development and implementation. 

We offer free advice to any enquirer that has registered as our client.

Forestry investments is an asset class that has seen a substantial amount of capital inflow. The Harvard University endowment (valued at USD$ 40.9 billion in 2019) is the largest academic endowment in the world and they are making a major push into forestry investment. The revenue from Harvard’s investment fund contributes more than one-third of the university’s annual operating budget.

The Harvard Management Company (HMC), the subsidiary that manages Harvard’s $32 billion endowments, has sought ways to diversify its holdings.

Bloomberg News estimates that over 10 per cent of Harvard’s endowment— over $3 billion—is invested in “forests, farms, and other natural resources.” HMC’s publicly filed IRS Form 990 lists over 270 companies as “Related Organizations Taxable as a Corporation or Trust”—corporations of which Harvard owns 50 per cent or more—and dozens of those hold timberland. As well as New Zealand, Harvard has large timber holdings in Brazil, Romania, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, and Uruguay.

Our forestry-related investments are uniquely positioned to leverage favourable market conditions. As an asset class, forestry is uncorrelated financial markets. Over the last 100 years, forestry assets outperformed most stocks and bonds. Quick to mature, continuously in high demand, and profitable, well-managed forestry assets are a secure way to safeguard your portfolio against volatility. 

While this is one of many success stories globally. There are as many pit falls in forestry as in any alternative investment opportunity. We specialize in focusing on sales companies that make unsubstantiated profit projections. We have a record second to none in the recovery of investors capital for those that fall foul to fraudulent sales. We will always be glad to lend a listening ear to any victim while holding the hand of the investor all the way to financial restitution.


Asset Managers Anthony Crosbie-Dawson of Gresham House and Paul Atkinson of Par Equity on Forestry Investment