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Asia Claim is an action group comprised of everyday professionals that are otherwise experts in their own fields who successfully gain legal restitution by listing complainants of similar circumstances against the same defendant/s and whose joint losses are great enough to attract the interest of some of the most qualified legal entities to take up their case on a *contingent basis.

Some legal jurisdictions have previously prohibited contingent law or failed to encourage lawyers to championing the cause of even the largest groups in need. However, the ever-increasing success and demand of this kind of arrangement has found its way with the following prescient for, ‘Success fees’:

Chai Chee Chin and Others v Tetuan Zahari Ong & Co [2005] MLJU 623

Group claims have become the favored way to serve justice by all. Judges find it serves for great judicial efficiency as lawsuits can be decided by one judge in one court which takes less cumulative court time. Similarly, defendants facing multiple suits may not have the ability to pay off all plaintiffs. This often leads to the earlier filing claimant receiving greater compensation for similar cases than later filings. A class action erases this risk and allows injured parties to recover their damages fairly to their proportion of loss.

Asia Claim have challenged questionable sales companies since 2002, and have built up an impressive portfolio of investigative contacts, data agencies and risk reporting resources. While Asia Claim would always leave legal advice only to the highest level of expertise that huge claim groups attract.  Asia Claim builds information databases on companies via client statements and evidence that have proven invaluable foundations of advice on an exhaustive range company services, performance and credibility. We provide honest, pragmatic advice to applicants and work tirelessly to attract the right law entity to victims’ groups as quickly as possible. For frequently asked question please visit:

If you require more information on your specific case please let us know and we can assess you over the telephone to see if you qualify for a free consultation where all information is privileged for your piece of mind.

*Contingent law is an arrangement where the lawyers fee is claimable conditional (contingent) to a successful claim being paid to the complainant beforehand.

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