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About us

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ASIA CLAIM – Indonesia

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Set up in Jakarta and Surabaya amongst a tidal wave of political and social reform in Indonesia. We are Consumer watch dogs with a high degree of resource technology in the Corporate, Commercial and Retail sales industry. We provide affordable, economically viable access to litigation and dispute resolution for SME businesses and private individuals.

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Our Services:

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Group Litigation – NO WIN NO FEE. We invite consumers to reach out to Asia Claim if you are an unsatisfied retail purchaser. We provide a quick, free assessment of your case by our expert legal staff directly or your Asia Claim local agent if closer to you. If we think your claim has legal merit, we will pass it to one of our partners with expertise in that field. Our partner law firms operate on a no win no fee or similar basis, providing you access to affordable legal advice and expertise.

Mediation – Asia Claim will represent your interests and act as a professional mediator between you our client and the company you have lodged a complaint against.

Advice – As we investigate companies for a profession since 2002, we have built up a portfolio of investigators, data agencies, credit and risk reporting resources that are second to none in Asia. Asia Claim can advise you on company services, performance and credibility. We have periodical notices on companies to avoid that we record complaints against, and of course companies we can recommend. A good way to share the public sector information to keep you safe. We provide honest, pragmatic advice when assessing claims and will put you in touch with a solicitor as quickly as possible. If you require more information or would like to begin your legal action today, call or contact us on using the form below.