Q & A 

Who are Asia Claim?

Asia Claim is an organization set up to assist members of the public to address sales fraud and dissatisfaction by way of gaining a refund of the money lost at the point of sale.

Isn’t it too good to be true that I don’t pay up front?

No. Contingency Law operates this way globally, please see the link below:(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contingent_fee) Asia Claim at first only requires sales victims to make a written request for refund. No lawyers are required at this primary stage. Asia Claim sources responsible companies with good local reputation that are centred in regions of sales fraud and offers them a cut of the refund claim if they agree to see our clients without cost for a simple free registration.

So, do I initially meet with a lawyer?

No. At the primary assessment stage there is no need to involve law firm or give any confidential or sensitive information. To be assessed for a free of upfront cost private service, Asia Claim will confirm a STRICTLY private and confidential meeting with a sponsoring company that you may get to know and rely upon for customer service and updates. Sponsor will not ask you to commit to being part of a claim and they cannot guarantee your application will be accepted. Sponsors are simply there to witness your written request for a refund and forwards your documents back to Asia Claim HQ.

Am I guaranteed to win?

Of course not. No one can guarantee the future. But for every person adding to claim volume and evidence with a complaint letter, we are one step closer to refund success.

Am I stuck with my timeshare?

Asia Claim seek to refund your money. If their laws in your country allow a statutory time to cancel and that has been exceeded, then you may be refunded and may receive compensation, but Asia Claim cannot relieve you from a contract once it is legally binding. However, some sponsors are of considerable importance in the business sector and may be able to provide victims of direct sales fraud with extra services where timeshares can be transferred and with it, maintenance liabilities. Please apply to your local sponsor upon arrival for more information.

Why do I have to book a specific appointment with a sponsors instead of just arriving at will?

Asia Claim sponsors are business, with their own clients that create their business income. Our clients must respect that and arrive when our Sponsors are not business with their business by specific business

Do I need to provide any personal information?

Absolutely not. The only information required will be general purchase information on your product. All
information given to sponsors and Asia Claim is privileged.

Do I need to appear in court or anywhere official?

No. The reason you visit a sponsor is to witness your complaint letter. That is all that is required.

Do I pay if the claim fails or loses?

No. Of course not. If Asia Claim is agreeing to see you, then we are so confident on your case, we will offer you the chance to register for free. If the claim fails to produce a return of your invested money you have no liability of any kind to make any payment or contribution in any way.